How to print inserts for your A5 planner

You finally found them. After months of searching, you've gotten your hands on the gorgeous printable inserts that are going to make your planner life complete. There's just one problem: they're the wrong size for your A5 planner! Nooooooo! Printing your own planner inserts can be a major challenge at any size, but when you have to resize a printable .pdf file AND line up the correct pages on the fronts & backs of sheets, it can be a special kind of hell. Fortunately I've got a wicked easy solution for you! All you'll need is the Adobe Reader software, which is 100% free.

How to print inserts for your A5 planner || via

How to print inserts for your A5 planner

STEP 1: Start by opening up your .pdf in Adobe Reader and making sure that your printer is turned on & connected to your computer. When you're ready to print, go to the File menu and choose Print.

STEP 2: You'll see the below menu pop up. This is the fun part, because we don't have to do anything fancy like change the paper size - just leave it as US letter (or A4 if you're elsewhere in the world.) Under the Page Size & Handling heading, choose Booklet; below that, where it says Booklet subset, choose "Back side only." (I'm assuming here that your printer doesn't print double-sided pages. If it does, you should be able to choose "Both sides" and it should produce your whole planner exactly the way you need it. Lucky you!) Most of us don't have the luxury of double-sided printing, though, so we'll just go ahead and print the back sides first.

Note: you can start with either the front or back sides, really. But if you start with back sides and then do the front, the pages will come out of the printer in the correct order. If you start with the front sides and then do the back, you'll have to re-stack the pages one sheet at a time to reverse the order. No reason to make extra work for yourself if you don't have to, right?

STEP 3: Okay, here's the only tricky part. Once those back sides are all printed, you're going to pick up the whole stack of sheets that your printer just spit out, and you're going to flip them over and put them back in the printer. This means that you have to know how paper moves through your particular printer, because every printer works a little differently and you don't want to risk printing over the top of what you've already printed. Here's how it works on my printer:

If you're not positive about how paper moves through your printer, try looking it up on the manufacturer's website. They usually have diagrams (and occasionally even a helpful animated .gif!)

HOME STRETCH: Now that you've reloaded your paper into your printer, you can go back to STEP 2 and choose "Front side only" instead of "Back side only." Your printer will deliver you a nice, neat stack of perfectly-organized pages; all you have to do is cut them down the middle and punch your holes.

How does it feel to have a fresh new pile of perfect planner inserts? Time to throw a party!

Note: This tutorial works for both US letter and European A4 paper sizes. However, since US letter paper has slightly different dimensions than the A4/A5 system, following these directions in the United States will produce half-letter sized sheets, not genuine A5 sheets. If your printable is sized for A5 paper, printing it on half-letter paper will result in slight resizing of the layout, and vice versa. Mostly this doesn't matter at all since both A5 and half-letter sheets will work fine in an A5 planner - it's just something to be aware of in case you want your boxes to be a specific size.