One Word for 2016

I've never been much of one for New Year's resolutions. It's hard to make plans, let alone commitments, when you're living paycheck-to-paycheck and you're never sure what curveballs tomorrow will throw your way. The closest I ever came to a real resolution was a vague determination to "do better next year" - which, to be fair, I've always managed to do. This year, however, I'm trying something new: I'm picking out one word for 2016 that will be my theme, my focus, the mantra that will guide my choices & actions.

My one word for 2016 is...

My one word for 2016 is IGNITE

I made this graphic so that I'd have something visual & visceral to remind myself of what I hope to accomplish. I've done and learned so much in my lifetime, but learning isn't enough: it's time to do something with all that experience. Now is the time to light things up. Now is the time to find out just how brightly I can shine. Now is the time to I G N I T E.

This is my public statement of intent. Want to help keep me accountable for my commitment? Join me in the Rebel Planners group over on Facebook to meet a tribe of women who are all about supporting one another in the reach for our goals.

What makes this year different?

This year, I have a foundation under my feet that I've never had before. This year I'll be finishing my degree and entering the workforce with a formal education under my belt. This year I'm launching a business that I hope will someday support my family. This year I have a planner to help me set and achieve my goals!

I finally feel like I'm in a place where I can start creating my reality with intention instead of simply going with the flow of whatever happens to me. Although I'm a big believer in listening to what the Universe is trying to tell me about where I need to be and what I need to be doing, I'm also a Big Damn Believer in free will. I'm the one who gets to choose. The Universe can give me all the advice it wants, but I'm the one who decides what to do with it.

This is the year I take ownership of that power.

Desire mapping

Did I mention there's a planner for this kind of goal-setting? Oh yeah. I'm all about the planners. That's not an affiliate link, because I haven't personally used Danielle LaPorte's system, but a lot of folks in the planner community rave about it. Essentially it works like this: instead of deciding what you're going to do this year to feel the way you want to feel, decide how you want to feelthis year... and THEN figure out what you can do to feel that way.

Ever made a to-do list because you were sure it would help you feel organized, only to find out that it actually made you feel stressed about all the things you weren't able to check off? Yeah, me too. Desire mapping is meant to help with that. By starting with feelings instead of starting with actions, it's easier to eliminate all that "supposed to" garbage that we've been socialized to believe. Instead of buying a fancy new sports car because that's what successful people are "supposed" to do, take the time to sit down and think honestly about what makes you personally feel successful. Skip the sports car and do that thing instead.

So I'm trying it this year. In addition to my one word for 2016, which will be my overarching theme, I'm also committing to three feelings that I want to experience more in my life:

  • Dauntless
  • Prosperous and
  • Worthy

Needless to say, these are all things I've had a fair bit of trouble with in my life. I'm painfully shy and hesitant. I grew up only barely above the poverty line. And being fat meant that by the time I'd even hit middle school I had bought into the belief that I was unworthy of love. This is the year I say, "Fuck that!" to all that baggage. It's time to create what I want in life.

What do your goal-setting techniques look like? Have you chosen one word for 2016?

I'd love to hear all about it in the comments.

Signed, with love and rebellion: BRITTANY
Signed, with love and rebellion: BRITTANY