Decorate your planner for 10 cents or less

Can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on stickers or stamps? Don't sweat it! Let me show you how I use pages out of old fashion magazines to create beautiful, color-coordinated, and highly personalized spreads that cost 10 cents or less.

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Decorate your planner for 10 cents or less: upcycle discarded fashion magazines into gorgeous planner spreads.

10 cents or less? Yes, really.

I know, I know. It seems shocking to suggest that it isn't necessary to spend tons of money on our planners, but I promise it's true. This entire spread was created with nothing but a single discarded fashion magazine that I got gratis through my neighborhood Buy Nothing Group. The only money I spent was 50 cents for the glue stick and $1.50 for a white Gelly Roll, and since you can create dozens (if not hundreds!) of layouts with a single glue stick & pen, the total cost of the spread comes out to almost nothing.


How pretty does that look? I especially love using text to break the boxes of the planner layout. It draws attention to the words, which I chose for their inspirational-to-me nature.

How to do it

Go through the magazine and tear out every page that appeals to you. Yes, all of them. If you see a word or phrase that moves your soul, save that page. If you see a full-page ad with a pretty background, save that page. If you see a big chunk of blank space filled with a color you like, save that page. Make yourself a pile of all your options.

Next, spread those pages out and look for colors or patterns that go together. It's amazing how color-coordinated ads can be even if they're from different pages or different companies. Pick out the ones you think go together best.

Then just cut them up! I used a piece of cardboard to make a "template" for my full size boxes, measured carefully to the proper dimensions. Then I traced that box around the pictures & backdrops I liked. That was the easiest way to make sure the pieces would fit together properly. (You can do this even more easily if you have a guided paper cutter.)

Check out the video to see how I put this layout together.

What tricks do you use to save money on planner decor?

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