Color Palette: Urban Minimalista

So sorry I've been absent for a bit, my dear rebels. I've got some wonderfully exciting projects in the works and I'm not as good as I should be about sticking to my editorial calendar. My bad! One of the things I'm working on here behind the scenes are some color palettes for sticker kits - not just printables, but real live physical stickers. How exciting is that?! I'm BEYOND stoked to be able to bring these to you at last. You've been asking for printed stickers for ages, but my tech just wasn't cooperating. I'm delighted to announce that I've finally cowed it into submission. ;)

I would absolutely love to get your feedback on these palettes. My goal is to release one new palette per week for the next two months, to get a sense of what colors you like best and what will be of most use to you.

Introducing Rebellious Color Palette #1: Urban Minimalista

The Urban Minimalista palette is a crazy-bright combination of absinthe green, raspberry pink, and night sky violet. It combines elegant simplicity with geometric precision and bold personality. Weird combo, right? But it totally works!

Rebellious Color Palettes: Urban Minimalista. Absinthe green, raspberry pink, and night sky violet.

So what do you think?

Would you use stickers that came in these colors? If you have any feedback about this palette or any requests for colors you'd like to see, by all means leave me a comment below. I read everything you write to me!

In the meantime, keep an eye on the shop to make sure you find out when the new sticker kits are released.