Are you exhausted by the search for planner peace?

There’s an awful lot of gorgeous planner paraphernalia out there, from stickers to printables to Instagram feeds to “plan with me” videos. But once that first rush of adoration wears off, you start to notice that it’s all kind of… similar. Lots of pink. Lots of flowers. Lots of stay-at-home-moms. If you're a woman like me who doesn't match that brand of femininity, it can be all but impossible to find resources that help you achieve your tasks while still expressing your personal style.

I created Rebel Lux for women who don't fit the mold of what a woman is "supposed" to be: I'm here for the nerdy, the spooky, the STEM workers, the sex workers, the pagans, the childless, the childfree, and the too-sassy-for-daytime-TV.


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From Adulting Awards to self-care planners, browse stickers & inserts designed for the unorthodox planner girl.